1. Funding to assist with the daily operational costs;
  2. Assistance with weekly food bill;
  3. Woodworking power tools;
  4. Electrical cables and lightning;
  5. 6m x 3m shipping Container that we could use for a computer Lab or Sleeping quarters;
  6. Camping gear and tent;
  7. Seven(7) Seater Vehicle to transport service users;
  8. 15 x new beds (pillows and bedding will also be appreciated);
  9. Washing machine (Need a solid heavy-duty top loader);
  10. Outside fridge (Cold drink fridge can also do);
  11. 12m blue 20mm water pipes (We will use this to relay the kitchen drain pipe to the gully at the bathroom);
  12. Compost for our vegetable garden;
  13. Any bakkie-load gravel (Will use this to 'beautify' our grounds);
  14. Computer equipment (Desktops, Laptops, Printers and Network equipment); and
  15. Petrol lawnmower and weed-eater (electric should also be appreciated).
    ** Highest Priority