Admission Requirements

Any male 18 and over is eligible for admission so long as they meet the following criteria.

  1. Helderberg Omgee Halfway House does not accept sex offenders, individuals charged or convicted of violent crimes or arson within the past five years.
  2. Applicants must not currently use any drugs, alcohol or any other controlled substance.  Guests will be tested for all drugs.  Drug testing happens randomly, multiple times per week, and includes on-site instant-read, alcohol breath testing, and laboratory screenings.
  3. Most applicants are required to have at least 30 days continuous clean/sober time or come directly from an rehablitation treatment program.
  4. Must have a basic command of the English language.
  5. Be willing to commit to the 16 week program.  Typically guests stay 5-6 months.  The best time to leave the Helderberg Omgee Halfway House is when you completed the 16 week program.
  6. Have the ability to meet the financial costs of the programt. Any short falls will have to be covered by a suitable Sponsor.
  7. Most importantly, recognize that recovery is a lifestyle and a mindset, that above all else, is required to live at Helderberg Omgee.
  8. Be willing to help maintain the appearance of the Helderberg Omgee Halfway House which will include daily chores and deep-cleans.  This is your home, take pride in it.  Rooms and common areas must remain clean at all times.
  9. Upon acceptance guest must have a clear understanding that they will be discharged immediately from Helderberg Omgee Halfway House if there is any use or seeking of drugs or alcohol on or off premises.  Administrative discharge is permissible at Manager’s discretion.
  10. Helderberg Omgee Halfway House has a zero tolerance policy in regard to acts of violence, threats of violence or racial/ homophobic slurs toward any person on Helderberg Omgee Halfway House property.  Guests will be asked to leave property immediately.
  11. No sexual activity of any kind on property.  All female visitors must be cleared prior to visitation and no females will be allowed in a guest’s room.
  12. Understand, if you choose to bring valuables, you assume all risks and that Helderberg Omgee Halfway House is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items during your stay.
  13. Helderberg Omgee Halfway House will consider certain situations or special requests on merit and on a case-by-case basis.

Application for Admission