Inpatient Program

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The EAGLE program focuses on the holistic approach towards long term recovery. People who commit to their future have the best chance to benefit from programs within a time duration of 16 weeks in after care. Helderberg Omgee has developed an intensive multi dimensional model to maximize potential for long term recovery from substance abuse.


This life changing program has been developed by Helderberg Omgee, assisted by a life coach, counsellors and people in recovery. It consists of clear goals, training programmes, motivational support, a graduation function and follow up support structure.

The program is designed to achieve progressive results over a period of sixteen weeks. Individual and unique personal characteristics of participants are determined to achieve maximum results.

Taking participants out of their comfort zones, guiding them into their stretch zones and challenging them with their panic zones, opening up a new world of discovery and personal focus. Personal & group goals are established and evaluation of results are recorded on a weekly basis.

The results which are outcomes based after sixteen weeks, will aim to ensure that people in recovery achieve a state of mind and physical capable body to embrace the philosophy of “failure is not an option”. Secure accommodation and balanced meals are part of the program.

Participants need to conduct a personal interview with a panel of the board of Helderberg Omgee before admission. The assessment also determines whether the candidate is in good health.

Participants will be responsible for clothing, toiletries, medication (where applicable) and a pair of running/walking shoes in a good condition.



Helderberg Omgee is a Christian based organization with much emphasis on spiritual growth. Residents are therefore encouraged to participate in spiritual activities which consist of:

  • Weekly church services
  • Celebrate Recovery program
  • Morning in-house devotions
  • Weekly Bible studies
  • Spiritual workshops


This aspect of recovery is also perceived as vital for long term results and includes the following:

  • Personal and group counselling sessions
  • Personal time for reflection
  • Book readings and library sessions
  • Motivational talks and videos
  • Life skills workshops
  • Personality Profile Analysis
  • Training and seeking job opportunities


It is well known that a healthy body supports a healthy mind. The third pillar concentrates on physical activity. This includes the following:

  • Gardening, projects & maintenance in Pinkster Park
  • Hiking—nine hiking trials have been identified in and around the Helderberg where residents explore day excursions
  • Beach walks & swimming
  • Indoor/outdoor sport (cricket, table tennis, beach volley ball)
  • General fitness programs


People in recovery who join Helderberg Omgee will participate in the Eagle program and the guidelines will be explained during the registration process. It is necessary that residents receive a clear overview of the aims and goals to be achieved during the program.


Each week consists of activities in which the group participates to determine progress. It is structured in such a way that activities carry a pre-determined weight in credits. It is expected that residents participate in these activities and achieve the required credits. When the ultimate required points have been acquired (16 weeks), residents receive acknowledgement of completion.


The program was developed for people over the age of 18 years, who have completed a primary care program at a rehabilitation centre. However, it will also benefit people who are serious about their recovery but have not been in a primary care facility.


Programs start on Monday mornings at 9.00. Although the duration of a program is 16 weeks, it is structured in such way that a participant may start on any given week.

The program is conducted by the program manager and program instructor with the assistance of spiritual leaders, counsellors, life coaches and guest speakers. Progress and standards are being monitored by the Board of Helderberg Omgee.

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