The Aftermath

Gelatin works rather quickly. It’s extremely effective at dropping yeast out of solution, as well as lots of haze-forming particulates. I find that 48 hours later, the beer drops crystal clear. If you bottle your beer, rack the beer to a bottling bucket, and bottle away. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of yeast in solution to carbonate the bottles.

If you keg, you’ll have to draw off a couple very cloudy pints before the beer clears up. Gelatin literally drops yeast and particulates down to the bottom of the keg. Since the dip-tube draws from the bottom, that junk will be the first thing pulled from the keg. After a pint or two, it’ll be smooth sailing until the keg kicks.

One Last Note

While gelatin does a fantastic job at quickly clearing beer, there’s still no substitute (unless you filter) for cold conditioning if you want your beer to truly sparkle. If I fine my beer with gelatin, and then leave it for a week in the kegerator, I can obtain commercial level clarity.

That wraps up the easy, but detailed process of using gelatin as a fining agent. Cheers to clear beer!