Approach to COVID-19


As you are aware, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that a nation-wide 21-day lockdown would be in effect from midnight on Thursday, 26 March 2020 in an effort to contain the spread of COVID19. Helderberg Omgee will not accept any new service users for the 21 day period but staff will still operate from home and all administrative and financial services will be maintained, with after-hours emergency support where required.

To align ourselves with the governments’ action to declare Covid-19 a National State of Disaster, we have put a strategy in place to deal with the matter within our organisation and with all our stakeholders.

Our Hotline 074 907 6572 will be operational between Monday and Friday from 10H00 am to 14H00 pm. In the period after that, kindly email in the event of any emergency.

For sake of clarity, we wish to address the following possible issues:

  1. Security Services– Pinkster Park contracted security companies are to continue as per normal and the security companies will attempt to ensure that all staff will be stationed at their posts.
  2. Visitors – No visitors will be allowed on the property, unless essential, such as medical practitioners, paramedics. No service user / resident will be allowed to exit the Helderberg Omgee premises unless it is a medical emergency and authorised by the Manager or onsite Supervisor. No AA –NA –CARES sessions will be attended.
  3. Deliveries – Any deliveries are to be collected at the entrance gate.
  4. Cleaning Services – All contracted cleaning services are to be suspended.
  5. Refuse Removal – This will continue as normal but you will need to assist with moving your bin outside on removal day.
  6. Common Areas – it is recommended that these areas be avoided by groups to prevent the possible spread of Covid-19 as well as any unnecessary gatherings.
  7. Laundry Rooms – Laundry rooms are to remain open and owners are encouraged to wipe down buttons and handles before and after each use. This is strictly “use at own risk”.
  8. Maintenance issues – Plumbers and electricians will still be available, but only to attend to emergency issues.
  9. COVID19 Testing Procedure
    1. A service user / resident with symptoms need to report it to the Manager or onsite Supervisor ASAP.
    2. The Manager or onsite Supervisor need to phone 0800 029 999 to arrange a test ASAP.
    3. A service user / resident that are tested positive must be immediately isolated.
    4. The sponsor/ family of the affected user / resident must be contacted ASAP as it is the responsibility of the sponsor/ family to take care of the required treatment.

Emergency Numbers:

  • Fire Department – 10107
  • Ambulance – 10177
  • Flying Squad/Bomb Squad – 10111
  • Municipal Services – 086 0103 089
  • Provincial Covid-19 hotline – 021 928 4102.
  • In addition, the Department of Health has launched a WhatsApp service where news and info and questions and updates regarding the #coronavirus is available. Simply add this number 060 012 3456 as a WhatsApp contact and type “Hi” in the message block.
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