Situations come and go without asking what time of day it is. I am sure that each of us, sometime or another has find ourselves in the most difficult situations that life can present to us. It is then that we need “SUPPORT” in whichever way we can find it.

Let’s take as an example, our loved and sometimes hated motor vehicle. It is just there waiting for us to go somewhere. It is in the garage or driveway waiting to take us from point A to point B. Maybe, even a little further than point B. Always trustworthy, maybe, not always. When we need it, we open the door and get into the motor. Get ourselves comfortable and ready to go. We put the key in the ignition and start the engine. We put our foot on the accelerator and let the clutch go, after we have put it into gear.

The vehicle start to move in the right direction, exactly where we want it to go. Then all of a sudden, something happen that we have not anticipated. The backrest of the seat break and we tumble backwards. Now, the car is moving faster, still in the right direction but we cannot see where it goes. This is the moment to panic. Suddenly your support has vanished. Now you need help desperately!

In the world of the addict it is the same. The addict can focus his life in the right direction and can be in control of the situation. But without support it is in vain. When the support goes, there is big trouble.

I ask one of my friends – an addict – what can I and Omgee do to help him on his way to recovery. He look at me for a moment, then say- SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT!

The last thing that an addict wish for, is to be “judged”. When the back of the seat collapse we don’t shoot the driver. We repair the seat. We repair the “support”.

When we look at these people we have to discover where we can fix the “support” not apply the “judgement”. We have to get their vehicle on the road again and continue to send it in the right direction.

Please “non-addicts”, before you judge, discover where you can use the “support tool” to help people that has a broken backseat.



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